My bike got stolen! PERTH

Hey people in Perth,

My bike was stolen today along with my friend’s bike. It was stolen from Oxford St., Leederville this evening, Sunday 20th September. My bike is the red bike in the photograph and my friend’s bike has an electric blue frame with a white chain stay, deep v rims with machined sidewalls. If you could keep an eye out and let me know if you see anything it would be greatly appreciated! Death to bike thieves.

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Jeessus! Sorry to hear about your loss?!

Oxford St is normally really kosher and safe. I leave my bike unsecured & unattended all the time - I guess I just take it for granted?!

Where did you have it parked? There is actually heaps of CCTV in Leedy - you just don’t see it overtly! If it was outside the Leedy Hotel or any of the big Cafes, they may just have caught the perpetrators on video.

I’ll definitely keep my eye open. Was it a track frame or conversion? Maybe list some more component details so that everyone else is aware too …

I hope the lame fcuk that stole it had never ridden a fixed gear before. I always jest and ‘hope’ that if my bike were to be stolen, that they would take off quicksticks, go to cruise/turn/stop, and come a-cropper!

Good luck - I hope your day/week gets better!

Thanks for the reply man!

I had it parked, together with my friends bike at the back of Retro Betty’s. We just went in for a burger and rolled our bikes out to the back and parked them there. Fifteen minutes before we left, a girl came in through the back, just starting her shift. After we found out that our bikes were stolen we asked her if she saw the bikes when she came in. She said she did!
If only we left fifteen minutes earlier…
But yeah, i’ll report it to the cops tomorrow and check if the café next to Retro Betty’s has CCTV (Retro Betty’s hasn’t unfortunately). Hope that if they do, they’ll have him on tape!

Here’s a more detailed description of the bike:
It’s a road frame converted to fixed, but it’s got a pretty tight geometry. Not to sure about the brand though… I took off all the guides and the derailleur hanger. It’s got riser bars with white United bmx grips, a Cinelli stem, black Sugino messenger cranks (chainring attached on the inside of the crank arm), mks pedals with plastic clips and white leather straps, white seat (no brand) and a scratched up seat post. Front wheel has a silver track hub and the back wheel’s got a black hub and black spokes. Also, the back rim’s sidewall is machined. It’s got a front brake too. The brake lever is a Primo bmx lever.

Haha, yeah i was hoping too that that cunt has never ridden a fixie before and crashed himself and gave up!
I feel bad for my friend too, he only just build up his bike a few days ago…

Thanks for keeping an eye out man. Let’s hope the thief’s dumb enough to keep riding it around until someone spots it!

sux bro :x

keep ya eyes peeled on gumtree, quokka and ebay for parts. Alternatively any local markets.

i hope the bastard is dumb enough to try and sell it at the upcoming swap meet :evil:

eye’s peeled

Thats the second time i’ve heard of fixed gear bikes getting stolen around this area.

Sucks to hear. Were they locked up?

Thanks for keeping an eye out guys!

We didn’t lock them. Real stupid of us… The bikes weren’t really within sight of any passers by so we thought it’d be allright.

I’ve been checking ebay and stuff, no sign yet. I hope it’ll turn up at that bike swap! I’ll definitely be there early. Man, if it would show up there… That be interesting! :evil:

That sucks! I’ll be keeping an eye out too.

Mental note, it’s probably better to be unchained in a busy public place than out the back alley.

any luck?

No luck yet… My friend Pat, who’s bike also got stolen, thought he did saw his bike on Angove St. He saw a bike that looked like his speeding past. It has shitty black paintjob and the bartape was stripped of the handlebars. He couldn’t really get a good look though, so he’s not sure…

this sucks was there any luck with the cctv

any luck yet bud??

Nah still nothing unfortunately… :frowning:

Oh shit, I got my bike back! A friend of mine saw it locked up in north bridge. Waited around for a while but nobody showed. Then he broke the lock and took it back!

the thief gave it sweet new paint job as well. He even did the chain haha.

thanks everyone for looking out for it!

Looks pretty good now, what a story.

Note: Buy a lock now :smiley:

The dude probably bought it at cashies and is now coming onto the forum to post about his stolen black bike :stuck_out_tongue:

nah, he probably didnt,

nah i met majin a few times, he played in my house mates band for a little while, nice enough dude, swedish and shit

ah you’d be cut if some cunt rattlecanned your entire bike black.

Good find back :smiley: