my bikes

been on here a while but i’m bored at work and i haven’t posted in here yet.

my daily ride, apollo salt:
pretty much as it is from the shop other than removing the rear brake, replacing the awful stock seat with the one i scabbed from my mountain bike, and a new rear tyre due to the stock crap one developing bubbles in the side wall.

my latest acquisition, mongoose sniper bmx:
got this baby for $20, stripped it back and gave it a coat of matt black killrust, new chain, regreased all the bearings and a new rear brake, running a maxxis holy roller front tyre and maxxis max daddy on the rear. only taken it out to the bmx park once so far, feels pretty weird riding it coming from road and mountain bikes.

my other bike is a giant atx 830, had it for years and it’s looking a bit shabby, lives at uni so i don’t have a pic of it. not used much for off roading now, mainly just used as a polo bike. mods include a very bent rear wheel that i have to bash regularly to stop it rubbing (it’s beyond trueing), lots of scratches, some of my blood, the piece of hard plastic that is the seat from my salt, platform pedals to destroy my shins better, and some risers so i can sit up a bit more and not face plant as often.

I had an old ATX 870. Great bike then i turned it into a single speed, made it an even better bike then :-D.