My Bob Jackson Tandem on the Bay

BOB Jackson Tandem Racing Bicycle | eBay

No matter how hard i tried to make it work my girlfriend was just too short to sit on the back of this thing…

Option B: taller girlfriend

Maybe put some measurements in the listing so others can find out whether or not it fits.

Nice bike, though! I’m thinking my gf would be too short as well

Still interested in my Motobecane?

also, are you sure it’s 853? the fork is 531 and 853 was introduced in 1995, designed for TIG welding, not brazing. Doesn’t look anything like a late 90s frame.

Wouldn’t a longer stoker stem and some flat/swept bars would solve most fit issues?

If you can’t straddle the TT…

Good point, I didn’t actually look at the pics (am I a visual H?)

Very very good calll. My mistake…will change now.thank you!

Just put a ring on it…might be a bit hard now.