my build thread.

my vigorelli arrived today, and so did my deep v’s. i should have the bike finished by next week, when exams are over.
anyway enjoy!

new frame by Jake Antoun, on Flickr

nice nice, but why machined rear wheel? you going to have brakes? (aren’t they non-drilled-rear i mean)

the 2010 cinelli has drilled folks, unsure about the rear tho…

Yeah I know the gray/white mash isn’t drilled (rear)

spot on… :slight_smile:

correct me if i’m wrong but if you click on the link underneath the picture, does it look like his put the front wheel on the back and the back wheel on the front? or is it only machined on the rear?

hey guys the flash was on the camera, both wheels aren’t machined and the back wheel isnt set up yet thats why it looks like a front wheel, however the front wheel has a different spoke pattern.
im taking it to bundy tomorrow morning, anyone have any sugggestions before it gets built up?

ummmm, campy parts?

or how every you want man, it’s your ride y0!!!

haha sweet^ it’s been the longest week, can’t wait to go for a ride, the frame feels much lighter than i expected. will post more photos tomorrow…hopefully

i get the idea you don’t know much about fixies duplex

what:? and you do…?

bikes finished! i still need to grab a pair of drop bars but this will do for the moment. really happy with how it turned out. if anyone has a spare pair they dont use anymore look my way

done by Jake Antoun, on Flickr

I reckon you know a bunch, particulary with that name.

your right, you do need drops on it…would look a lot nicer…

i know i’ve been saying it alot but i just want to know…SPECS PLEASE!!!..

the specs are ok, its still an ongoing build i guess but here
frame: 56cm cinelli vigorelli
wheels: deep v’s with vittoria tyres
stem: pro lt 1 1/8 with carbon risers
seat: pave cp
bars from dues, simple riser bars with oury grips
cranks: lasco 44t with a 17t cog with a token lockring (soft ratio i know) il look at buying new cranks and bars when i get more$$$
headset: fsa headset that came with it

really FSA headset?

anyway cool build man, well done!!

i do like those VIGORELLI framesets!


just found out that Cinelli changed their headset from Columbus to FSA…

yeah i ordered this from pbk, they dont lace the colombus ones like here in aus. but ive read they are literally the same just branded differently? correct me if im wrong though. thanks a lot though im pretty happy with how it turned out will be riding this weekend for sure. il post any other changes to the bike here as well.

sweet i didnt know that either

Yeah they changed the headset for the 2010 models!

Don’t really matter anyway, as long as u ride it, its all good!

does this mean you’re getting rid of carbon risers…?