My commute - Updated

Started life as a SE Lager, have changed over pretty much everything bar the frame now. It is still nothing remarkable compared to some of the pretty beasts seen on this forum but I have heaps of fun riding it to and from work, and have learnt a lot tinkering with it.

Parts as follows:
Velocity Deep V’s
Miche Primato Advanced Cranks/Chainring
Miche Cog/Surly Lockring
KMC Kool Chain
MKS Sylvan Pedals/Cages
Rolls Saddle
Thomson Elite Seatpost
Thomson Elite Stem
Nitto Risers with Ourys

Updated the original post after a getting a few more bits and pieces (thanks to the AUD exchange rate and Wiggle).

god bless wiggle.

Nice parts list. It’ll be nice when they all get transferred to a better frame, if thats the direction you decide to take.