My current NJS Filth

Reminton 53
Dura Ace hubs n Cranks
Nitto Bars, stem, seatpost
Araya TUB rims
Noshi triple butted spokes
Kashimax ltd ed Ostrich leather seat

with drops as requested

Noshi spokes? you mean Hoshi?

Reminton - my favourite of the Japanese. Lucky you.

sexy but i think it needs some drops loving the colour

So risers are NJS? :-o

yeah hoshi, sorry for the typo, and yeah it’s pretty much all njs, we’ll all get over the minor details like risers not being NJS!!!

nice nice

saddle must hurt after a few km’s…

pale purple porn! looks so good brings a tear to my eye. :cry: the drops look best

thanks people, can’t say i haven’t been into the multiple hours on the saddle at any one time but it’s comfy enough for round town :mrgreen:

Did you sell this bike? I think it looks like a bike that my mate bought over a month ago. Very nice anyway!!!

i think i’ve seen this parked at the cricketer’s arms a few times now. never seen the owner though.