My Duarte.

please see below.
Not sure what year it is as I can’t find any info on Duarte serial numbers. The frame was built to commemorate a Duarte rider winning the 1985 tour de l’avenir so I guess it’s from around then.

The frame used to belong to HLC - #foamafia strikes again.
I had problems with it originally as I ordered some Soma Hwy One bars in silver 38cm, and the shop in the UK sent me 46’s by accident. I went to put it together and my groupset’s BB was English threaded - this frame had an Italian threaded BB. Then when I first went to ride it, the rear wheel kept pulling forwards. It was a very frustrating time in my life and many tanty’s were had but now I feel like I am almost feeling positive towards this bicycle.
I’ve since used a Shimano skewer that’s cranked down über tight and it seems to work, though I have been reluctant to give it a bootful and it’s for cruising on anyway.
The compacts have changed how I ride and I really enjoy them.

I forget what the measurements are but I think it’s a 53cm top tube. The frame is very nicely finished and has some nice panto’s which Henri chose to highlight with pink paint. The colour looks really nice and it turns a lot of fred’s heads on the riverloop.

105 10sp groupset
3ttt bars and stem
Campag seatpost
China Crabon wheels
Schwalbe One tyres

If anyone knows much about Duartes then I’m keen to hear your knowledge.

Cheers for looking.

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ahh so you got it! nice !

glad to see it built up with a fellow FOAer

i think H has a bit of info on em, seeing as he had one made for him!

Glad this got built. Looks ace.

Love it. Nice work.

This was one of my favourite build threads:

Bro I love this rig. That pink popping off the gunmetal, panto head tube and the #deepcarbon mmmmmmmmm taste like awesome.

Love the look of this!!

Very nice. My only comment would be it needs an all black saddle, but I guess it doesn’t matter when you’re sitting on it! So what’s causing the rear wheel to slip?

semi horizontals x chrome x external cam QR.

From the always excellent Cycling Inquisition:

Part 1: Cycling Inquisition: Proudly standing outside the ongoing narrative. José Duarte, Colombia’s most celebrated and prolific frame builder.
Part 2: Cycling Inquisition: From presidents to the most feared criminals of the 20th century. Frame builder José Duarte remains a keeper and rightful owner of Colombia’s cycling patrimony.

Horatio Part 1
Horatio Part 2

Cheers guys.

Having read that and seeing the work HLC put into the frame makes me appreciate it a lot more. Thanks!

Good stuff Rhys. Love seeing a sweet old steel frame with modern bits.
Can’t believe it took you this long to get into compacts…

Do you wash it with your beard?

Nope I had a huge beard trim and there’s not enough to use for ancillary duties like bicycle cleaning.

Yeah I noticed the trim.

Good for getting in those tight nooks.