My eBay clear out - Shamals, Campy, 3ttt, NJS

Clearing out my stuff to make way for more stuff.

Some more bits and pieces getting added tomorrow.

Happy to take offers from FOA members and will pull items accordingly.

henrilc357 | eBay

dude! ill take that stem! pmd yahh

Stem pulled for Jase!

So keen on the trispoke. Pitty it’s campy and I would have almost 0 use for it. Would be fun to race crits on however!

buy and change the hub to a front. no-one runs 'spoks on the rear…that’s where the disc goes!

Costs $$$$$$$$$$$ - want to buy a new frame first!

I bought the trispoke for similar lulz. Never got around to using it!

Unfortunately the hub can’t be swapped on this one. Ill probably throw another trispoke up for sale in the coming weeks that is a front though…

Same brand / model ? Double trispokes!

Nah, it’s a ‘spin’ trispoke so the fingers are a bit straighter!

what price did you have in mind for the shamals? ;o

I just sold a 1st Gen Road set (clinchers) for $455. The front wheel is in better condition in this set for sale, but the rear is not as good as the 1st gen’s were. Make an offer (PM me).

More stuff up, stem back up cause Jase can’t measure :wink: :wink: and monoplanar brakes will be relisted due to douchebag zero feedback international bidder. Probably got more stuff to list I just need to go rifle thru the parts bin!

Bid early, bid high! New bike isn’t gonna pay for itself!

bits and pieces ending today! get amongst it!