My first bike...

…finished… now for the next project when i hand this over to my kid bro in a few weeks…

Very nice. Spent all your money on the imac, thus had nothing left for a seat? :wink:

that is my girlfriend in the background a lovely macbook pro and that there saddle reminds me that i am still alive everytime i ride now!



In the pink on the left of the photo??

oh lordie… my girlfriend is the shiney silver thing that plays me all sorts of documentrys on the art of love when ever i so desire!


That’s a good looking build.

I’ve got a hub on the windosill as well, which I never quite get around to putting away.

i keep looking at that and thinking about putting it back in the box… but it is nice to look at in the sun…

the expectations of “first builds” has been moved up a couple of notches, well done, looks the goods!!

also proves up the old adage … “you just can’t go wrong with a white bike”

after hearing some of the great comments here i might just keep this little sucker!

i can’t wait to get my super elliott frame which is going to be white with black hand painted super elliott decals… then the real fun begins sorting out the components and colour schemes.

White & Black or White, Black & Chrome?

I think he means the plastic drum.

*slaps face.