My First Fixie, Malvernstar track frame build

Hi All I’m only new here, i was given an old (1960/70’s?) Malvern Star track frame.
It came as an almost complete bike,
54cm seat tube 56cm top tube. removable seat stays.( what is the benefit of these?)
super narrow drop bars 30cm wide
70mm Quill stem
not sure what cranks they are,
going to probably not going to have brakes, but only front if i want brakes.
frame is in at the sandblasters getting stripped back ready for paint. i will be painting the frame Blue with black lugs, unless someone convinces me to do it differently. I was thinking about trying to source some carbon to make new seat stays (just cause).
I have a set of 700c Shimano fixed wheels at the moment but they look a tad to small, I’m just waiting on the original 28" wheels to see how they look. They should only be a few weeks away.
here are some pics.

New items list:-
Bottom Bracket
Stem (the old one is rusty as hell)
Saddle (as above)Brown leather)
bar tape (brown leather)
brake and lever
Tyres, tubes
Pedals, Toe Clips.


Sorry to burst your bubble but thats not a track frame. Also from what you have planned I can’t help but think you’d be better off sinking your money into a better frame.

However, its your bike and as long as you enjoy riding it at the end thats all that matters.

30cm bars??

Jeepus Crisps!!

Rust central.

Did you find that in a riverbed?

Once the sandblaster hits that, there won’t be anything left!

i can dig.

after blasting you should have a better idea if the rust is a concern.

i wouldnt recommend using carbon for the stays. not quiet as simple as cutting a piece to size and bolting it up. if you want something different, since you can remove your stays perhaps check out some belt drive options.

for wheels/tyres, i’d go for something along these lines

look forward to seeing how it turns out…

Thanks for the words of encoragement. Im going to be awesome riding it once its finished :wink: the rust on the frame isnt that bad. yes the cranks,stem,seat are pretty much stuffed but they are getting replaced anyway. It doesnt matter to me that its not a track fram

this. a well put together path racer is a thing to behold. do some research, do it right. and for god’s sake, stay away from the aerospokes.

check it for inspiration: Bishops: Path Racers - Mixed Bag

Cool site thanks Brendan
Ive been doing a lot of searching trying to find ideas and here is 1 of the bikes that i find inspiration from. But without the brakes.

Each to their own and all that but…

Why would you take an old frame and try and make it look like a modern bike? that red bike makes me a little sick

you’re definitely on the right track here son. or should i say, definitely on the right path.

(you know, aside from the coloured chain…)

I would paint the frame and re chrome all the old parts.
Dont put new cranks on it it will look terrible
The headset, bb could be even just cleaned and soaked,
The bars, stem canks could be re chromed then just source some nice 27" wheels.

Hahaha yeah definitely not going to be bright red. Ive been looking over threads for the last hour or 2 now looking at different bikes and colour schemes. A gloss white frame with Black lugs would look pretty good i think. i also liked the look of some pin striping around the lugs instead of painting the whole luge.
Trying to keep with the plain theme using silver and chrome components. Tan leather bar tape and leather saddle.

I want the bike to look like an old restored bike. I have also ordered some original decals for it.

The headset has some pretty bad rust on it. and they are cheap enough to replace.
I have found an almost identical Chrome stem on the net i will buy.
Still not 100% on the cranks and chain wheel. can these be re-chromed? the drive side is pretty bad and flaking off
and as for the bars 99% of the rust will be covered with bar taPe so it wont mater

Check dans Healing for insperation,
This was done on a bigger budget but very classy.

not much has happened while waiting to get my frame back,
I have chosen a colour for the frame and fork. unless i buy some chrome forks

I think Blue frame with Polished alloy and chrome accessories. I’m going to change all bolts to polished alloy or chromed steel
Then a Tan saddle and Tan bar tape. I’m not sure what to do with original bars now, i have been quoted $150 to clean an re-chrome them, I’m thinking about cleaning them and painting them silver as most of the bars will be covered in tape anyway. Ill see how it rides with the drop bars, i might change them to a riser bar for a more relaxed feel. As for the cranks and chain wheel, they will be replaced too. the cost to restore them outweighs the cost to replace them with something shiny and new.

I reckon those older frames look better with non-metalic finishes - more in keeping with the period.

I’ll keep that in mind. tho i do really like that blue.
i have also been offered a free powder coat job on it as long as they have a colour i like instock.
i know they have gloss white so cpuld end up that colour yet