My first project nearly complete indi500 frame - pics inside

Hi Guys,

just posting my first project and complete ground up build.

Its an old indi 500, low spec bike.

I had it lying around for years, and loving the fixie look, and wanting to enter the world of fixed gear, I jumped in and gave it a crack.

This project gave me the inspiration to dive into a proper build, with a track frame, and some better running gear and rims.

anyhow, let me know on your thoughts and comments.


Needs more white, needs front brake cable and grips, also pick the weeds from in between your pavers.

Haha, on a serious note, nice to see you’ll be running both brakes! colour looks the goods, but could be the effect you used? Will be a good pub beater…Don’t know If I would have painted the cranks myself but doesn’t look toooo bad.
Enjoy, ride the shit out of it and don’t get upgraditis on this-enjoy it for what it is, maybe throw some 28c’s on there?

lol dont get me started on the backyard… too much maintenance.

I painted the cranks as the chrome was beyond salvaging. I will be painting the other cranks arm sometime too ha!

Yep, need some grips and cheap brake handles. I have old indi racer brake handles but wondering whether they would work on a flat bar. I mean sure it will work, but it might look and feel strange.

Any decent shops here in Perth that stock fixie / cheap parts? Havent had much luck with bike shops of late.

ideal cycles in O’Connor

nice, are you running it fixed cog or single speed, may want to invest in some foot retention if running fixed, that was the first advice i was given when i got my first fixie.
id recommend these, FRS Strap Ons - Bike Gear - Packs + Gear I’ve got similar ones but they don’t make them anymore, they are worth the money and they will last!!! if you get a new bike so you can just swap them over…

HLC, Thanks for that, I will check them out!


yes I’ll be running, on occasion, in fixed mode. Straps make sense, after riding it around the block a few times. I will check out those straps you posted, but I also was thinking of getting another set of mtb pedals with clipons, since I have that for my road bike.

The gearing might be slightly too short as well… since its a 48 tooth front crank. As greenmachine rightly said, ill should just ride the thing and not upgrade stuff already! Maybe invest in the next track frame based project.

Yeah defiantly clip in if you can while riding fixed. But pedals would most likely cost more than straps