My First Time Building A Fixie

Hi everyone. I just joined! First Post here :smiley:

Anyhoo i currently own a Repco Skirmish 18 Speed MTB

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Im not sure if its be the best frame but would really love to convert this to a Fixie but don’t have a lot of money to spend on doing so, I hear that kits can be purchased but am unsure of good place to buy these from or where the cheapest place to do so would be.

I’m also a Bike Noob when it comes to building / converting so any good video links to get me started would be well appreciated.

Im really looking forward to starting the project and already purchased paint and accessories for my personal touch to it.

Many Thanks and Please Reply

Is it to early to pop some corn?


But seriously… Search Function or GTFO! Half this site is threads about this. Read through them and then… only then… if you can’t find some answers, post.