My First

This is a bike i built at the start of the year. Was going for a very simple colour scheme. Now has black risers instead of the bars pictured.

Before and After pics included :slight_smile:

very neat, very nice.
i say write indi500 back up the side.

you could at least pretend the shadow was ‘riding’ the bike!

Looks like you ground off the cable guides…don’t tell Spirito! :wink:

Oh god, the derailleur mount too…
Worst thing to do to a bike is changing it from something it is, to something it’s not, and not be able to change it back.

hahaha, there was never an intention on changing it back. just wanted clean smooth frame, and i reckon ive achieved that so im happy.

Ive been considering the INDI 500 back up the side

If you want it cleaner, you can grind off the eyelet rackmounts. Looks neat.