My Free Single Speed (basically)

Hey Ya’ll,

Thought I’d give an intro to myself and my latest Ghetto Rig Ive pieced together to commute to the city.

The frame was a spray painted blue Malvern Star jobbie I picked up for free when I bought another frame from old mate in Glebe.

The same legend of an individual helped me out a few weeks later when I had destroyed my coaster wheel and detonated the original 10 speed wheel, with another back wheel off who knows what.

Bars are some cut down profiles off my old specialized stump jumper and Pedals are the old cheapo toe cages you used to get.

Grips, Lever and nut bar are from my old BMX.

Front sprocket was on the frame and just has the smaller cog removed so is a 52 and an absolute carnt to ride up king street.

Had to buy a new front tyre and 2 x tubes. ($40)

And of course the left over race tape used on the Torana to give a sweet as paint scheme.

Theres no need for closer photos as it doesn’t get any prettier the closer you get, I have given you some artsy jobbies though.

So in the end I get hours of fun riding and can track stand the shit out of the wankers on the $12k road bikes at lights all for $40.
And my name is Guy, G’day.

hey i seen you pony good at gallery…sweet

Oh Cool, Gallery though where that

Ugly is the new pretty… nothing like a good beater.

Sorry, outside gallery cafe on booth street, annandale. i ride the KHS( till i sell it) with risers and barpad.see you round.

hey luke, a mate of mine was trying to contact you re: the khs. get back to him! yo!

luke and guy: get to the cricketers tomorrow night from around 7. ride etc.

Haha busted… i got a car once for free i just had to pay $80,000 for it :P:P

cool bike and cool story though.

Yer, had a young man by the name nick…is that your friend? Will try to make it 2moz if i can finish my last client earlier enough been trying to get along for weeks.

Ahhh KHS man, thats one local fixie sorted theres still another though all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

Spud, Sprung indeed it is not free I think its close enough though to be a basically.

I also have been trying to get to this ride for a while but never leave work early enough, I will get to it soon though to say hey.

yep, nick, that’s the man. good fella.