My Gear

Hi Guys,

Some of my gear, just getting in to bikes and i’m loving it. I’m starting to see you can never really have enough of them as each bike has a purpose. Sorry for the shitty photo’s, my girl has our camera so this is from my phone.

Fuji Track Pro - 49x15
Giant TCR C1 - Ultegra with Ksyrium Elites
Avanti Derelikt Ltd - Juicy 7’s, Argyle 318, Sram X9’s, 5050xx’s with Sun SUV’s

I ride Look Keo carbons which i switch between the two racing bikes, The pedals are the only thing i have modified on my bikes. The Fuji is my latest and i can’t belive how much fun it is to ride, super responsive and very very fast it just makes the riding come alive. I’ve only been out to the track once so far as i work away but i hope to get there at least twice each break, Its the best fun I’ve had on a bike yet!

I’m hunting for a nice pedigree steel frame at the moment to have as a project. I really like riding fixed.



Welcome Jacko :slight_smile: For someone who is “just getting in to bikes” you’ve certainly gone for a good mix!
Where abouts are you and what size frame are you after?


Good mix but like new cars, a bit boring to the eye… ~ 55.5-56cm standard frame and i live in Perth.