My Georama

This is my bike.

I got the frame from NJS Export when I was in Tokyo in June/July this year. Most of the parts except for the wheels (ebay) I also got from either Blue Lug, Sexon Super Peace or the Tokyu Hands in Shibuya.

I like this bike cos its an extension of how much I love Japan.

A also recently got a Vivalo, which I got for my girlfriend to ride around. I’ll post pics of that when I take some.

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What’s your parts list?

Frame: Gold Georama - st: 51.5cm tt: 53.5
Head Set: Dura Ace HP-7410
Stem: Nitto NJPROAA 90mm stem
Bars: B-Witch Tokyo Risers
Grips: Dimension track grips
Seat Post: Nitto Crystal Fellow seat post - D27.0, 300mm length
Saddle: Kashimax AERO custom maroon suede
BB: Sugino 75
Crank: Sugino 75 - 165mm
Chainring: Sugino 75 47T
Pedals: MKS Sylvan
Clips: MKS steel
Straps: Kashimax Five Gold super sprint (chainging these to Kashimax Dual Sprints when I finally pick up my parcel from the post office)
Chain: Izumi silver
Cog: Dura Ace Track SS-7600 16T
Lock Ring: Dura Ace HB-7600
Wheelset: Weinemann Deep Vs (changing these to B43s when they finally come in the mail, using these for the new Vivalo)
Front Tyre: Purple Gran Compe SS

I think that’s it.

that’s a nice colour :smiley:

The frame is a really nice colour. Your build is on the NJS Export buyers builds right?

That’s where he stole the pics from. :wink:

yup… I would recommend them, they ship really fast and Gabe is pretty good in letting you know whats going on. Oh and the frames are pretty much as they are described.

Hey mate,

I’m going to Tokyo this end of year, where is the shop located? I tried to find on the website and couldn’t find anything… Did he pack the frame for you as well?

sugino grand mighty champagne cranks would be dope on this bike…

frothing on everything this bike has to offer. sans the purple front tire. i reckon a white would be better. imo.

They don’t actually have a shop front as its pretty much just an on-line store, all the frames are in a house somewhere in Kanagawa Prefecture.

I bought my frame off their site and just asked them ship it to my hotel in Tokyo. This was heaps better cos it was fully packed and boxed already, saves you having to try and find a bike box somewhere. If you are moving hotels a bit, I would suggest to make a purchase towards the end of your trip so you don’t have to lug the box around.

Oh and shipping was super fast. The frame got to my hotel the next day after he delivered it. He didn’t even have time to send me the tracking number. The Japanese postal service is super efficient.

Good Luck.

There’s a thread here about the stores in Japan…

Keirin Shopping In Japan.

The shops we went to were…
Sexon Super Peace
Dreamworks (where I got my Samson from)
Carnival & W-Base

There’s also decent fixed (Nitto MKS etc) parts in Shubuya Tokyu hands.

But there’s also Blue Lug and the Kinfolk Lounge.


going to echo what everone else has said, the frame and frame colour is supernice. I think id prefer your current weinemann deep v’s over b43s though thats just me

I’m kind of second guessing the B43’s too… might be too deep. hahaha.

I’ll see how it looks on though.

Cheers! I’ll definitely try to contact him when I’m there