My girl's bike

I got the ones on the bike from Bicycle Recycle in Moorabin $25

how much did that awesome paint job set you back?

I think it was about $350-75, can’t quite remember.

Cog Café in Mt Evelyn


i simply think risers allow the bike to retain some of the sporty nature of the frame, while being a compromise for street practicality.

why take a race frame with aggressive geometry, and match it with bars typically found on a super slack beach cruiser?:

aesthetically it doesn’t work for me.

but then opinions are like assholes…

The bars are nothing like those, but whatever.

The bars are about the only thing on that bike that make it look girly.
If it has drops or risers how will his girl ride it? …she’ll look like a man.

That is a really nice looking bike man, your girl must be stoked!

come on, its pink(ish) man! :lol:

anyhoo, not meaning to bring negativity to this thread. its an awesome build, that’s the only thing i’d do different.