My girl's bike

My girl’s bike is finally finished. We got the frame from Punch Cycles in Tokyo. Its a Stratos Keiring frame that was red and pretty beat up, so we had it repainted by Damien at Cog Café (Watermelon with Pearl rear), Polished Velocity Aeros, Polished Nitto stem, polished seatpost and white GR-9s from Shifter Bikes, Gippieme cranks form the swap meet.

She built it, i assisted.

don’t like the bars, and while i can understand its probably a cruiser style thing for your girl, can’t help but feel that it doesn’t suit the frame at all. why not risers?

frame+paint looks awesome! love the details on the seat/chain stays (love that third pic). looks real clean.

the rims aero or aerohead?

Bars look better in real life, and what the lady wants, the lady gets.

How are those clamp on front brakes? Work as well as a normal brake?

work fine with the right brake pads

Lucky girl :slight_smile: Looks rad.
The bars are cool, makes the build look so cruisy.

Cruisy build. looks great !

this is really beautiful!
fuck the haterz, the bars match the brooks really well and and fit in with the classic look - love the polished alloy. Paintjob is great too.

+1 why the faark are risers supposed to match a track bike, apart from the fact that every 2nd hipster has them.

+1 this is sick

Pics of gf pls.

you gunna give it to her for her birthday but have your name written on the down tube :wink:

Do any damage to the fork where clamped on?

Not from what ive seen on other bikes that have had em previously.

guess i’ll find out.

looks great,

what are the bars? they’d be perfect for a girls build I’m working on at the moment.

oh and I’d be placing a thin yet firm piece of clamping rubber underneath the brake mount clamps.
I’d imagine the force of braking on a spinning wheel will pull the unit forwards resulting in an imprint of the clamps on the fork blade paint (probably more so on the rear of the fork blades.)

would be a shame to mess up that nice new fresh paint!

They look to be the same shape as nitto albatross. I bought some of these for my GF’s bike. Essentially the same shape and pretty cheap! Very comfortable bars too.

“If you don’t want it, I know someone who does…”

Go to your LBS and ask them to see about adding one of these to the next order from Rex Imports:

Nothing flash, they’ll do the job for the next 10-20 years on that rebuild. Also have alum. alloy version for not much more money. Budget about $15-$35.

Abbortsford stock Rex stuff and Ridgeways in Bris.


Cheers thanks dude,

I though I’d be able to source something through Incomex but their bar range is kinda shitty. We dont deal with Rex often, but I’ll give them a call