my handmade 16" triple triangle fixie

Been doing the frame building course with Brett Richardson.

This is my little “practise” frame before I attack my full size frameset.

I thourght I might as welll make it different to a standard kids 16",
and make it a “mini” fixie.

It uses 16 x 1 3/8" rims (349mm)

Lugged top tube,
got the grinder out and ground up some drop-outs.
“cut & shut” 26" fork

Velocity Blunt SL 24hole rims
Velocity sealed bearing track hubs.
349x32mm Schwalbe Kojak tyres.

It will use 140mm cranks with 34x16t gearing.
Riser bars etc.

I have a fair bit of brazing and filing to complete over the next few weeks,
but will upload pics as it nears completetion.

thats some cool shit goose, subscribed.


Evilgenius will buy them of you.

and benzy

(also awesome as hell)

hella awesome!!!

Thats soo good what are those wheels designed for?
How is the course is their any info online about it duration cost ect.

Where is Benzy?
he still on here?

Nice bike by the way.

plenty of shots of benzy being benzy right here…

DDCX 2011-1 - cbzed’s Photos

wheels are common size for recumbents and folding bikes.

skillstech tafe Bracken Ridge.
23 week course
2 hrs on a Tuesday night & as much as you can do at home.
$250.10 was the cost as its assited by the Government.

To do the Penny Farthing class the weeks were a bit longer and $1250
or 3 weeks full time in November or something

Thats pretty good.

I contacted the TAFE a couple of months back and they said the course wasn’t running. WTF?

Vegan farts and blow torches don’t mix.

Looking forward to the finished photos.
I hope you can find a kid that will appreciate such an awesome bike.

he swore off the forum a while ago… now he torments those who know him by MMS. its amazing…

It’s awesome Goose! Is it heavy?

he also vowed never to join facebook.

so someone started this

i keep forgetting to ask who started it…


cute, do you own a kid who can ride it?

If I have kids, maybe I’ll build something like this.

Nope, None that I know of anyway…
I might head down to the market this weekend and see if I can pick one up.

School holidays are coming up, which may make it easier, coz im not allowed
within 500m of schools anymore… :-p

He’d wanna have some balls, nothing quite like sticking a 4 yr old kid on
a brakeless fixie and sending him down the street.
Might get him some tight Black jeans and shit.