My Jap bike

Went to Japan looking for a 3rensho or Nagasawa road frame, came back with this Peloton bought at Punch Cycles in Tokyo.
Sharp lugwork, Superbe Pro ends, Panto’d fork crown and complete internal cabling (including shifter cable).
Group is a mix of Dura-Ace7800 (RD, Shifters, 7400 Cranks) and Ultegra/600 (brakes, FD, 600 hubs), Nitto seatpost and Rigida DP18s (would prefer Araya SA-530C if anybody wants to swap??)

dunno what the tubing is, but complete is lighter than my SS

I love this bike very much, rides like a dream.

Looks great shortsie!

Really interesting frame- not the sort of thing you’ll see everyday. Mmm, just my size too! :evil:
Nice internal cable routing- wish my Viner had this!

Shimano setup- oh yeah, fuck Campagnolo!

Bring this along to Wednesday night ride

wow this bike is amazing!

how much did u end up costing you?

there is a vivalo road bike on njs-keirin that im tempted to purchase, after seeing your peloton :slight_smile:

Wash your Fucken mouth out!!! :-o

(nice bike btw)

Very nice. Those cable braze-ons for internal routing give me the horn.

It’s screaming out for an 8sp 600 group (but I usually say that).

Would be awesome with full respray, new decals, a 7403 group including Dura-ace stem, seatpost and Araya SA-530C rims.

but i dont have that kind of cash.