my little old starfucker


So I’m nearly finished building my first project

So I have all the parts I need (minus 1ish).


Frame: Starfuckers Xenon - bought off Colin Arlen a la Macaframa. I don’t actually know him, just a very lucky eBayer, so the crappy stickers stay.
Wheels: Wheels are B43’s courtesy of user S-Club running randonneurs courtesy of user diddy
Cranks: Old Sugino bmx cranks from ebay with an old Sugino BMX chainring. Pedals and straps soon to be updated.
Saddle: Low end Fi’zi:k Aliante
Seatpost: Identiti T-4 Twin Bolt
Stem: Spank 2-Timer
Barz: My old crap risers, being replaced by Deity Villan 2 Rizorz
Everything Else: Izumi chain and Dia-Compe clamp on brake. The original fittings wouldn’t fit on the forks at all, so a trip to Bunnings and a bit of bush mechanics and ta-da I have clamps to keep me out of fines

So in about a week I’ll have the new pedals on, the new handlebars cut down and on, and everything should be set.
I’ll probably cut the steerer down a little, but I’ll put another spacer in there first.


And if you want a copy of Macaframa that was sent to me, tough. Aeons took it. I can lend you my copy though if you like.

So here are a few more pics, my awesome homemade clamp attaching the brake, the crappy macaframa sticker that wasn’t removed before I got it and the crank.

xenon06-1..jpg xenon04-1..jpg xenon05-1..jpg

is it just me or is that front geo extra slack?

that said, i dig those frames.

Holy headtube angle!

Chrome is great though, always will be.

Is it heavy? It looks heavy…

@ ferg + lemontime: Yeah, you can change the headtube angle by changing the amount of chain you’re running. I currently have it set at the minimum chain length it can have. I’ll see what I can do about changing it when I change the gearing, but for now it’s doing the job.

@ gravity: Yeah, its definitely heavy, weighing in at a chunky 10kg. Not too bad though in the scheme of things. As everyone knows, B43’s are about a tonne each, so If I changed them out I’d see a weight save, but I’m not fussed. This build isn’t made to float.

You should put the front wheel in the forward dropout. It’ll handle a heck of a lot better. The ones you’re using now are for tricks only, not riding.

Yeah, I’ve done that now.
I only stuck it in the 0 rake position to make sure the brake pads wouldn’t touch the wheel so I wouldn’t have to renegotiate the cable length each time I swapped it out.
I was just too lazy to throw the wheel back before I took pictures.

Nice looking bike, just dont jump it off anything! I know of at least 2 that have got to bike heaven due to frames cracking.

On the rear stays where just near where they meet the seatpost yeah?
The first thing I looked at when I got it was whether there was any stress there.
Didn’t one on here succumb to that fate?