My mates first SS build

Thought I would share this with you guys… One of my good mates has just finished his first SS build.

"For the last 12 months I’ve been working on and off restoring my wifes first bike.

It’s a 12" Malvern Star kids bike from around 1984 - Part of the frame had to be replaced due to rust, but Wayne Kotzur did a fantastic job of that. Surprisingly a lot of the bike used modern sizing standards, meaning headset and bottom bracket was an easy solution.
Otherwise it’s almost impossible to find aftermarket parts for a bike of this size. Thankfully though I was able to find great quality BMX stuff, save for the wheels which are pretty nasty quality. "

Wicked… Chris King, no less!
I guess you’ll be riding it down to the Film Festival to display on the rack out front. Might be hard finding spoke cards that small though. :slight_smile:

Airlines give out mini playing cards… chuck on of those in, should suit it :stuck_out_tongue:

Bike is located in Canberra though so no Film Festival action… actually, it is small enough to carry as hand luggage!

I’m likin’ the kind of a wife that still has her first bike :-).

The foto kinda looks like it’s been done in macro.

Can I ask why?

My mate loves to build bikes, it is just one of his hobbies.

So when they found his wifes FIRST bike they thought they could bring it back to it’s former glory. But with the plan of handing it down to their first kid to learn to ride on.

  • On another note… this pumptrack is in his backyard. The dude loves bikes!

Awesome stuff … right down to the little red nipples to match the rest of the bike.

More photos of the track please.

I want somebody to get some boards happening in their backyard figure of 8 style. Mega pissed backyard fixie racing.

It also has a little board walk section

It takes on a different feel at night after a few beers too.

They are putting on a ‘ride in movies’ night in a few weeks, should be cool.

awesome. both the bike and the track.

i like how it looks like a normal brick path, and deck, except with berms or whatever

It was originally going to be a dirt track, but the dogs kept digging up the rollovers, so it got paved :evil:

How small is his wife?

Any toe overlap with those big cranks and pedals?

The Track and that bike are the best thing ive seen in ages, well done! :smiley:

Massive bump from 2008!

From the same mate… he has sold his old house and is now out on a bigger property (with about 10kms of home made single track). When it rains… we head inside:

Could be an Aussie Rays:

You gotta be kidding me. Green.

Yup, this was pretty much the inspiration!