my new bamboo bike

i recently built myself a bamboo bike and this is how it turned out.

it’s not finished just as yet, as you can see it has no chain or rear sprocket. i am a little scared about the structural integrity of the stays so i am going to ride free wheel.
i am still waiting on a new head set which seams to be taking for ever.
the parts list:
-roselli carbon track forks
-velicty deep v wood finnish rims
-velocity hubs

  • gold lasco cranks and chain ring
  • conti gator skin tyres
  • brooks b17 saddle
  • wooden dowel handle bar
  • shimano 105 brake
  • gold brake cable (not shown)
  • crap “forged” head stem (temporary)

build cost including frame building: $1250

How did you do BB shell and head tube?

i found an old scrapper bike and cut off the head tube and the BB and attached the bamboo to it using fiber glass and twine.


Did you smoke treat the bamboo/ prep it to increase its durability and thickness?

I think he might have been smoking something a little stronger then bamboo to want to do that

not to hate, but is there a single pro about riding a bamboo bike?
just that i can think of about 1,000,000 cons, one mainly.

whats red and looks good on hippies…?

There is a bloke here in Adelaide who rides a bamboo bike everyday. It is extreme to the max.

He is an ex-pro so probably knows his way around a bi-cycle.

I think good for you mate- there’s a chance that what you have come up with is great to ride, and it’s certainly completely unique. Plus there’s got to be satisfaction out of seeing a creative idea become reality. Just take it easy till you’re on prototype 3?

Google informs us that others have explored the concept with success:

I should follow up my previous post: his frame was made by Craig Calfee, google it.

i heat treated it using a blow torch. nice and strong, ill have the last part then ride it, ill upload the video of me being destroyed later that day.

[quote=KingRalf ]

i heat treated it using a blow torch…]


Treating bamboo is a complicated and slow process and definitely doesn’t include the use of a blow torch. Hope your frame holds up!

How’s this frame holding up?

It’s probably held up by the wheels Azz

I thought i saw you down the bike shop getting some of the gear.

this is your car is it not. :: Home or the timber alternative

there is a pro riding the american cx circuit on a bamboo cross bike, its got lots of plus’s to it, all you haters need to do some reading, but then at the same time yuo wanna make sure you’ve dome everything right

Hey KingRalf, I’d love to know how that rides. Flexy? The diameters of the bamboo you’ve used look crazy small! I’ve been basing the diameters needed off aluminium/carbon bikes - yours looks like that of a steel frame! I’m loving the use of twine thou, I used a bit of that on my first frame and it’s held up well.


I deal with Carl at eco bamboo bikes who imports Masuelli frames. & can assure you they look and feel the part!