My new commuter fixie


Here’s a couple of pics of the fixie i’m building for commuting to work.

It’s a 4130 cromo frame and fork, wheels I laced myself - the front being a surly new hub and the rear being a velocity flip flop - Both laced to Wolber SuperChampion Alpine rims.

I will be fitting some Suntour arx cranks to it with a ratio of 42 / 16.

Hope to finish putting it together tonight!

hey dude were you at the polo on the weekend? think i met you.
i’ll keep an eye out for that yellow machine around the city.

I was, I was on a white road bike, wearing a “reflex” shirt

Did you get this frame off ebay a few weeks back? I was going for that but missed out by a few minutes.

no, I got that frame from a guy in newcastle, cleaned it up, removed brazeo ns and had it powdercoated.

Pretty happy with how it turned out

Well, it’s finished, been riding it.

Looks a bit different, got my hands on a dura-ace stem, I used some different bars, some look pedals, but the end result is that it rides like a dream!

if you see me on it (commuting from zetland to the city) say g’day!


HAHAHAHA i wouldn’t think its a good type of famous to be nominated in the friday quiz haha

3.) Locking a folding bike outside is like:

–Using an eccentric rear hub on a bike with track ends