My new ebay selling style doesn't seem to be working ...

Vintage Europa Falck Tubing Perfect Commuter Tourer 70s | eBay

Your problem is that you don’t mention fixie fixed gear conversion enough.

Maybe I should add “I refuse sell this to any tattoo’d buddy holly glasses wearing skinny jeans wearing hipster who will make a custom fixie using this frame just to impress at the cafe”.

Yeah … that sounds good :wink:

You forgot to mention to all the tattoo’d buddy holly glasses wearing skinny jeans wearing hipsters who own custom fixies but are sick of the lack of fenders & load carrying who now want to build up porteur style bikes, that this is a perfect frame for them.

That goes without saying. I was wondering where they all were? I guess sometimes they gotta be beat upside the head to notice or really do need to be told “Here it is !!!”.

‘vintage retro fixie fixed track njs pista’ has always worked quite well for me but i understand times are changing to the aforementioned ‘vintage 70s porteur rack wald cargo fender cross touring’

these are beautiful Ben
Classic Sun CR18 Clincher rims 32/40 spoke hole count ! | eBay

indeed, you’ve gone and made me want a bike with full fender capabilities.
my size too…

You know you just described me perfectly, right? Seriously. I don’t mind though. I’m comfortable with it.