My new "roadie"!!! Got an idea what it is??

So the plan is SRAM Force group set…oval carbon bars…also open to suggestions for a custom wheel set build?

The only remnants of a sticker
just above the front mech on the seat tube

Whatever you do don’t paint it. Original thrashed paint is awesome in my books.

That bottom bracket shell would come in handy as a bottle opener.

sorry is it getting soda blasted and professionally painted…Im taking it to NZ next year for the Power CO tour…Could do with some ideas for a good set of training wheels…

dan from shifter is doing some nice wheels around the C4 hubs and kinlin rims…

light weight clinchers and not super expensive…
if you have a big budget then you can’t beat a set of extralites to edge 45s

The lug work on that frame reminds me of a frame I have sitting in my garage which my dad gave me. The BB shell is different tho.

The only info I have on my frame is that the bike was branded as Christoff and the old man bought it from Jan Christoff who sold them from his house/workshop in the 70’s/80’s in Adelaide. It was kitted with Campag Super Record Gruppo, all of which I have. Unfortunately Jan died in the early 90’s and there is bugger all info about him on the net. Like yours, mine had no decals on it after several resprays in it’s life time.

That is the biggest BB shell hole I have ever seen. Overall pic?

I have Gipiemme drop outs and the same lugs on my Fiorelli pista but the bottom bracket cut out is a huge f do you have a better bottom bracket photo more square on could this be an f that has the centre broken out.


Thanks guys!! some another pic of the BB Shell

Monday it is being taken to get a second set of matching water bottle bosses braised in and the rear chain adjuster screw holes re tapped in…then try to get it off the painters before i go away for holidays… i can tell you it is English thread…Fits a shimano BB from my road bike straight in

see the back edge…the one near the wheel<<<< is nice and rounded just like the rest so i dont think it is broken out…Also notice the “cut” on the down tube>>> looks like an angle grinder cut but it is PERFECTLY centered and even and has been painted over not touched up :?

Do you know? I keep clicking on this thread hoping you’ll reveal the answer.

well once it is painted… i will just get some other decals cut for it plain bikes looks good but are to hard to keep clean …

pretty sure this is identical to brenton_clark’s green track bike. same lugs, dropouts, seat stays etc.

the BB also has a clover cutout like yours.

he’s pretty sure it’s a Legaro…

I believe it to be …vintage guerciotti or Fiorelli …

Try this i think it looks alot like a Fiorelli
The Bicycle Info Project :: Fiorelli Bicycles circa 1982

Is the BB Italian threaded? If not, it’s likely not a Guerciotti / Fiorelli.

Just ride it and don’t worry about who built it.