My New Toy's!! Yay!!

These are 24 H Roselli Hubs laced to 55 mm section FULL CARBON Roselli rims. At the moment they are shot with Vittoria Crono TT/Track Singles.

Aint they rul purdy!!

I can’t wait to test them out.

We’re you at Blackburn today?

Damnn…ur wheelset is damn niceee…how much were they?
I got myself new toy…and finally get time to repacked it and ready to go for a run.

Sorry Lats i had to miss this weekend as i was at work (dam bike shops and need money to buy new stuff). I will be making an apperance on the 10 th with new wheels in tow. I might even try a run down at DISC on Thursday if i get a chance.

Hey Vee the run about $2500 or there abouts retail.

Are they Dura Ace or Suntour hubs?? They look mighty mighty special regardless!! I am looking at getting a pair of Duras after Chrissy for another wheel set i have on the go (so much stuff in my garage).

they r superb pro.
damnn 2800 :smiley: hehhe sexy.