My Nike Mcfly's

Shameless Plug if you know what your looking at you will know how rare they are,
Bring on the Haters.

haha do they actually have power up laces ??

Hahah no,
but they glow in the dark.

do they have a link?

Sorry i was just out changing my flux capacitor.

Very cool sneaks !!

not bad… there are whole sites devoted to ‘fan’ home-made ones that look a whole lot better than these, the sole is cool but they still look basketball-esque. Nike mag’s are the back to the future shit… for realllllllll.

They look like ball shoes because they are ball shoes, mags are cool and their was thought that they would release it in 2015 but i do not think it will happen now Universal sued them.

what movie did you see?
was it any good?

Mmmm probably super bad I would have worn them to a good movie

shame you were em. Coulda been NOS!


2 things though… way more than 100 were released and Nike were never sued by universal.

But still, nice.

nice kicks, i prefer the hyperdunks McFlys myself, something about the red dosnt sit right with me

Well no but they did wave a fukin big threat at them and only three stores in Aus got 20 pairs each and a few in asia, How many did you think were sold.

Oh and fuk nos i use all my shit nos usually means that it wasn’t good enough to use in the first place.
But i would have got shit loads more for them but couldn’t resist lacing them up.