my open pro just assploded...

Tubulars are looking good right now !!

McKenny: are you the original owner, buy them here in Oz :confused:
Stuff like this happens but nowhere near as much as it used to. I haven’t ridden on rollers since forever. Does it heat up the rims & tyres much? If so, combined with the tight beads on Conti’s I can see how it happened but still don’t think it should … unless there was some micro crack or graze on there to begin with (from grit in pads) or something that happened to the rim a long while ago and has only just surfaced.

You could be covered if the rims were bought by you … if online or 2nd hand these things tend to get lost in emails without any positive & fair resolution for you.

More importantly, lucky your ok. If it was at speed or traffic this could have gotten ugly.

bought them second hand but when i got them there was next to no wear on the braking surface. i’ve had them since 2009 or early 2010. have heard only good things about open pros, it was just scary and somewhat strange that it happened when not braking and going relatively slowly on rollers.

i’m ok, my tv isn’t smashed and i get to post on FoA about bikes for a change.

Fuckin’ bikes !!!

Glad you’re OK. I wish I was closer so I could get forensic and see why/what happened and sort out a new wheel for you. Just curious … that’s a pretty major failure and I haven’t seen anything similar on any Open Pro’s. As i mentioned above … parts do fail, often it can be worled out why … luckily it’s not very often and modern stuff is much better than it used to be.

Glad it didn’t happen out on the road Muz!

Have seen this happen a few times on OP’s, but only ever on very worn brake tracks. Not a fault of the rim at all, just because they are so commonly built for people that do lots of k’s, usually in all weather.

Although, it’s amazing the look you get from some people that think you’re pulling the wool over their eyes when you tell them they are due for new rims, usually from them not understanding that the friction on the surface of the sidewall compounded by riding in the wet and grit = wear… “but they are perfectly straight!?”

Every bike store should keep a worn and blown out rim on hand to show customers, it’s a great tool for explaining what can happen.

you get a similar look when you tell them rims too have psi limits…

I pumped a tyre up on bike last week (to ~70si) and noticed the rim bulging maybe 2mm at the bead, and then I saw a little crack in the rim edge, thought it was gonna asplod on me, thankfully the customer was very happy to be told ‘do not ride on this rim’ I ended up taking the tyre/tube out just to make sure.

hmmm had a CXP 33 blow out just like that once. It was old and the braking surface had done some hard yards. IIRC it blew just ridin’ aroun’

and that’s a lynskey dropout, innit.

Secretly glad it wasn’t the OPs I sold to you earlier this year!!!