my pista and my sons project

this is my allegro pista that i have single speeded

i have added bbb carbon seatpost, stem and bars, also the deep v wheel set, pake cranks and fizik saddle. i am pretty stoked with how it has turned out. I hope to get a chris king head set in the next week or so and some carbon spacers for the headset as well

the other one is my son 20" electra cruiser that he turned into a single speed, oh yeah he is 7 and did every thing but the bar tape him self, He wants to get it powder coated cream so it looks “Old Cool” as he says!!

Hahah that’s wonderful, he looks proud too!

yeah he rides it all the time now !!! and wants to go on big rides with me! and keeps asking if he can get parts for it like clip-in pedals or toe straps

back-pedal skids on the gravel were the coolest thing in the world when i was 7.
not that my bike looked as cool as that.

how long til he gets some foot retention and goes fixed?

not sure if he will go fixed for a while but he is keen as both me and his mum ride fixed from time to time.

He found some skyway tuff bmx rims and wants to put one on the front of the bike it should look rad!!!

Nice one. He’s even got the brakeless drops look. Next thing he’ll be telling his old man to HTFU…

Next step is one of those plastic bmx arrospoke things innit…

So my son and i went and saw a mate who works at a second hand bike place today and picked up and new rear wheel (old rear wheel, but he thinks it is new) and some 20x1.75 tyres

i recon it looks wicked !!!

holy crap thats cool

nice… on both bikes man. Cant believe how big he is but who cuts his hair?
Also the year of beard must be overish by now i rekon you should post pics. i rekon i it should give a set of 650 forks a run for their money.

That alegro frame is sooo nice.

thanks man

Purds got their hair cut at just cuts and they suck !!!

beard got trimmed about a month ago !! which also sucks but meh

Man tom is getting bigger and bigger every day and learning more and more about bikes as well. pretty much the whole bike has been his ideas !!! which is awesome !!

He wants to get the frame powder coated lime green or ivory cream, but i kinda like they ratty black look

thats actually really really cool, and inspiring actually…

ultimate respect.

well perhaps if i come across some kid sized toe cages i’ll send em up with some small size pedals that’ll fit a kids bmx cranks.

i hope i can find the money to buy that mint wheelset you have for sale to help support your cool cycling family. peace

love your son’s bike! the look on his face in the first pic is worth a million bucks. so rad.

as his dad it makes me super proud and totally inspired. He stripped it down and rebuilt it with limited supervision which amazes me.

i am keen to get some better pedals for the bike with some toe strap.

Also here is a shot of my wifes bike (single speed family) it is a se draft lite that she is slowly changing, next thing is a set of deep v’s!!

wow what a cool kid. i wish i was that cool when i was little. i also think the frame would look good in a cream colour

i see he even has his very first spoke card stuck in his front wheel. i didn’t know they did alleycats for 7 year olds. lol XD

I reckon that is soo sick

Like a little fixed rad rod. Very bitchin. That frame could be really nice with a bit of work…

yeah hope to get the frame powder coated in the next week or so hopefully !!

thanks for the comments to guys

Nice one, what colour?

he wants to get it a cream colour i think. which should look sick !!!

That could be very classy. Maybe some pin stripes :mrgreen: