my stable

so the newest edition first

pub bike, winter weather beater
frame is my ex-house mates whos in france atm, and all the parts are old spares unless stated other wise
fenders from commuter
rack from trigger
grips from rolly
shimano 600 arabest road cranks, just using a 42t ring up front
this thing is easily the most comfortable bike i own for the around town rides
and the front rack makes sure i get to work with out a massive sweaty patch on my work shirt from my bag
the seat is smashed right down for my GF who is using it at the moment

Merckx extra corsa,
mix of campagnolo record from nuvo - ‘C’ from coffee, jaseyjase, mister Track C*nt and san estiban
mavic open pro rear rim, mavic SUP up front
OG turbo saddle and cinelli cock pit with fi’zik tape
elite bottle cages and matching bottles coz im a sucker on ebay
and yes those are time attack MTB pedals…
and yes its dirty but thats coz its for riding not display
build by shifter dan of course

and yes we’ve all seen this before but some things have changed
new drops, wider and not black any more
sram track chain
new headset and phil 17t sprocket thanks to commuter and velo orange
and the minora/elite double barrel arse cannons for the longer ride’s
front shamal and a new rear, yet to be decided/bought, coming for the track
but all the good old stuff remains
phill - hpluson
all nitto groupo
sugino grand might cranks/75 chain ring 46t
concor saddle

and yes tyre wise its conti or nothing…
more pics here
my stable - a set on Flickr

Is that viagra holding up the McLachlan?

DAMN!! good eye’s buddy

So is it stiff to ride?


Nice Gene, what was wrong with the rear C-Record/SUP wheel?

nothing wrong with it at all, in fact it’s the same hub, just i umm kinda droped my merkx one day,
it fell awkwardly and the rim got pinched in-between my work desk and some wooden planks in the garage, it was out off true so bad i had hugh in fits of laughter as he put it on the truing wheel, was a bad day for my wallet

nice gene, that McLachlan dserves sunshine pics! and i never realised how tight that fron end is! nooiicce

nice stable! love the bike rack … i might steal the dimensions haha!

sing it, sister!