My stereotypical fixie!

black fixie..jpg

I’ve done heaps of research on fixed gears and read reviews on all the best parts. I know the pros and cons and performance issues of certain setups… But in the end my fetish for aesthetics was victorious and my bike became more and more hipster every day. Although it looks poser I do like to ride it a lot and even though it’s a chunky 10kg I don’t find it too heavy (just a better workout for me to lose weight).

I bought the machined arrospok as I was running a front brake, but my old brake doesn’t fit in this new fork so I have to ride brakeless for now. I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it so this is the one item missing from my build.

Also I’m just looking to get double straps for the pedals and perhaps a better crankset in the future once I start making money again. A recent redundancy has slowed down the cash flow unfortunately…

Nice clean build but for me the brooks kills it, I think they look weird on bikes post 1960’s but hey thats just me i think a concor would look the bomb.

Yeah I understand especially as it doesn’t look as streamlined as the rest of the bike, but I got it for a decent price and it’s comfy as hell!

What’s the frame? Parts list?


The fact it’s a Brooks doesnt kill it. It’s that it is the only non-black/silver thing on the bike.

Black brooks team pro would be sweet and fit better but $$$. To be honest, a concor would have a very similar side profile anyway. Just wouldn’t be brown.

It’s a Spanish frame and a carbon fork. “Macario”. Don’t know too much about it as there’s not much online (in English). I’ve always liked the down angled top tube.
Just running Aerospoke front, B43 rear, Snafu stem and risers (forgot the brand, bought from Saint Cloud) with Oury grips. RH+O chainring with Lasco cranks (47/17 ratio). Brooks B17 Standard saddle.
No hardcore NJS parts yet, but money is an issue at this stage.

Bought the frame sprayed black already but just touched it up with another coat of matte black. It’s a ghetto paint job which I prefer over nice clean paint as I don’t have to take too much care of it!

I wanted a small accent of colour but it’s always hidden under my butt anyways…

Kapoww, Was this you in missed connections today :wink:

Ok did a quick search and realised what you’re talking about lol. The dude who crashed on Swanston St? Thankfully not me haha! I ain’t that noob (plus I don’t have a blue Aerospoke).

My headset/fork was loose yesterday though and it scared the hell out of me. I forgot to put in the bloody lower seal… So it coulda been worse!

Got myself a black Brooks Swift. Great saddle. Aesthetics par excellence. Probably not as comfy as a B17, but comfy-er than the Rolls I wa previously running.

Nice build bud.

Can’t get into those Aerospokes tho’ - how heavy are they!!

Thanks man. I did like the strength of it though, but I reduced the weight of the Aerospoke today by cutting off two spokes…


arrospok looked better
the brooks looks wak
but i also have a shitty lookin saddle.
function > form as far as my ass-comfort is concerned!

I dig the brooks personally. Black/silver/brown is a winner for me.