My stolen bike

Here is my beloved santa cruz / cinelli track bike (/SS rattle can conversion, same thing)
This is nothing special but I really love it. Its worth nearly nothing, and I know it is not to most tastes on this site, but Im into it.

Today sometime between 2:30-4:00 pm this afternoon it and my girlfriends bike were stolen from my front porch just off gertrude/smith street.

All that was left was a bottle of Coco MME champagne propping open our gate :frowning: (local collingwood drunks perhaps?)

Even if you are disgusted by this, PLEASE pass on any information you might have on either of them. They stand out like dogs balls. Reward given if bikes recovered!!!

Parts on santa cruz/“cinelli” beater:
fluro green rattle canned 56cm sq gaspipe road frame.
black RPM track cranks, fluro green origin 8 pedals
semi polished SR stem, generic shiney risers, pink ourys
white fizik CX pave
FIR road wheels with bullet hubs, SS spacer kit, conti ultrasports
tektro? diacompe? i dunno, some new shiny long reach front brake.

i live in collinghood. peepers will be peeled,

cheers mckenny
im trying to detective hard. found out smith st cellars is the only retailer of this ‘french champagne’ in the area so will need to go back tomorrow to see the guy who was working today

that fkn blows dude. I hope you find it…what a bunch of bastards…was it locked up?


Dust the champagne bottle for fingerprints.