my stuffs - fixed / road / coffee - all end Sunday 9 March

impressed with your rear caliper barrel adjuster.


Can’t you see the front is like that too? Lol

sweet. tell 'em it’s euro

What happened man? No time for bikes in the burbs?

Open to #foamafia offers on the Vitus?

Or coffee it seems…?

Shame there’s no shipping or you’d have some competition.

Nah heavy. Kids take up time as you know. But mostly just sick of cars. I see a mtb in my future…

Ev espresso is just to much work for home. Switching to filter exclusively.

You guys can make offers if you want. Everyone wants shipping though. Tbh I dont have the time to o organise it

I’m good for pickup.

Wondering if I should have parted out the blue roadie.

Dont like the feeling of letting it go for 400… Here’s hoping for some last minute bids.

I havea friend who could probs bid more… if anything it’ll bump it up a bit.

465… someone got a bargain.

Fixie up again. As is the coffee machine.

Got it bumper up to that. Guess 60 is better than no.

Told my friend to bid more but he didn’t get it. Will end up with a much much shitter bike now. Shame.