My Valentine's Day present

This is my new, extraordinarily sexy single speed, built by the ant man (antmandan).

Pegasus frame, painted with rattle cans
Red anodised alloy hubs, laced to white hot Velocity deep Vs. (the ant man’s first wheel build)
Soma fenders, shiny and red and gorgeous
Shimano cranks with 42T Biopace chainring
Spank subrosa saddle
KMC chain (white)
Home Brand 18T freewheel, seat post, stem and bars

Soon to be unleashed on the Central Brisbane area…

Yay! :smiley:

awesome, great bike, :slight_smile: i want to find something like that for my girl

Cheers mate. Yeah I guess I’ve put the blow torch onto the other Brisbane boys now… I’m looking your way Skippy :wink:

^^Nice job dan. :smiley:

My girl would murder for that. Nice job… does it come in pink?

Leave me alone. I’ve gotta sell Jules subway bike first then send it to the powder coaters and build the wheels and…
I’ll get there.

biopace ring on a SS?

Yeah much of this bike was built from odds and ends. The biopace, kindly donated along with the cranks by SuperMaxPower, was the best chainring of the bunch in terms of its shape (one of the others I had was almost egg shaped!) and being 42T made it a good size for the wife.

Sheldon Brown ran biopace on his SS and didn’t have any issues.

Bike looks hot - lots of nice details.

I’m doing up one for the girlfriend as we speak, might end up with a 3 speed but…

Needs a saddle upgrade to this!|65%3A1|39%3A1|240%3A1318

Nice find :-o! Hands off everybody else it’s mine!

id keep the saddle white IMHO

Yeah same… the white saddle + grips give it a ‘strawberry + cream’ vibe.

There’s a white Ladies Turbo in Adelaide. It’s NOS, bit shop worn and $40 though. I can get it and post it though, if you really want it.

Do it Dan Turbo that sucker. $Bling$

Nice Mr & Mrs Dan.

Did you get your forks sorted?

Nice Mr & Mrs Dan.

Did you get your forks sorted?

Thanks Goose, yeah I found an old pair of chrome forks that cleaned up pretty good. Same size steerer which made it very painless! I rebuilt the front wheel last night as well :-D, no problems at all, damn those Vs take some punishment!

What subburb are you in?


Every1 back up for a second… bipace on a single speeed??? maybe biopace cranks but not bioppace olliptical rings… just think about it for a minute… the chain is tight…