Mystery Aussie Track


Picked up this frame recently but am stumped as to who might have made it. The guy I got it from bought it secondhand,and had it for himself for about 12 years. Had it powdercoated years ago but connot remember who built it. Insists though that it is an Aussie builder. The coat is too thick to see any numbers. Can read brev campy on the rear dropouts though! Have seen similar lugs on a few Bundys, but the forks look like old Hillman? Really not sure, but if anyone has ideas, would be keen to hear from you.

holy mcshitballs, my computer just had a heart attack,

have you heard of resizing images?

Yeah sorry, thought I already had before I uploaded!

Not 100% sure, but from the drilled drop outs and lugs, id say its a McBain from the ones ive seen.

Very nice ride dude.

Do you mean to say that only tasmanians can use a drill?

Yep, the lugs, drilled dropouts, fork crown and slotted BB are identical to my McBain.

Yeah, after some research it looks identical to some on the net. Thanks for your help. Do not know much about Mcbain, so will do some more research.

Maybe maybe not?

Lugsets and tube sets were mainly and still are bought then assembled by frame builders.

This lugset is rather generic and could have been built by any number of frame builders, anyone can use a drill press.

Who knows this may have been built in NZ? Bro

Ofmega Mistral’s <3

my prekins was built with the drops and lugs that were available at the time

so says daryl perkins, what i know of the aussie builders is that in the 80’s-90’s this was the case

Those drop outs look rad.

that paintjob looks thick as!

Looks idential to my freinds mcbain aswell.
BB shell cutouts/lugs etc. If it was a perkins and you can get it into the perkins workshop then do that. A frame builder should know his own work when he see’s it.