mystery bikes, crummy listing, could be nice pickings

Track Bike in Central West, NSW | eBay

one looks like a vitus or similar, yellow one is lugged alloy or crabony plast. track bike looks like a nice straight blade steel jobby for the fork, aero alloy post. gipiemme front wheel.

Anyone in Sydney wanna go for a road trip?

looks like some diamonds in the rough for a resto job.

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looks like aresprayed cadex maybe on the yellow thing

White one looks like the a track. Seems to have strange shape tubings, probably aluminium with that type of clamp… and looks to have a c-rec headset and seatpost. Also, yeah, looks like an Alan/Vitus roadie alu frame in there.
I think Gipiemmie Tecno 724s are from that cadex.

May put a bid in and figure how to get there without a car afterwards.

Damn, I’ll be going right by here for work next week but won’t have room in the car for them

$300 for the gear, $100 fuel - maybe a little more depending on your vehicle… starts getting expensive for what possibly could be a pile of shit.

It does appear that there could be some gems in that, but that’s a lot of trouble for a C-Rec headset and Gipemme front wheel…

These would have to be the worst listing pictures i have ever seen.

Or the best ? Possible junk heaps that have sparked discussion and interest

I’m gonna say gipiemme wheel SET, not just a front, and Shimano 105 or RSX 8 speed group on that yellow thing.
Some sort of aluminum track bike with what appears to be a c record headset and, based on that assumption, campy (or something else) aero seat post.
That silver framed road bike definitely had the look or an Alan/Vitus/Sakae Litage.
Would be worth it if you we’re in the area.

Aka what alibi said.

So do you get three frames?

and what sort of idiot leaves the frames in the roof and takes the photos on their side??

you’ll probably have to pull it out of the roof too if you win the auction

Hahaha this listing was the first thing I thought of when I saw the title.

But yeah, tempted to bid, and the photos are ridiculous, messaged the guy when it first went up for more photos, and he just posted more shitty roof photos…

Edit: Just got another message saying he’ll txt me some flix. Will post here if they’re any better

Was so close! I was meant to be camping between Lithgow and Bathurst this weekend until the fuel system shit itself in my landcruiser, could’ve dropped in for a look/pick up. Now sitting back in Sydney smelling like diesel.