Mystery nervex lugged build


Not much to show yet but am rather bored & would like to put the word out there for bits/pieces I’m kinda looking for.

Plan is to have a classy, fairly period looking bike I can roll around and try a bit of track work with. Bummed it doesn’t have track ends but eh.

Started off with this lump.

Stripped back to metal & now sitting in primer.

Bought bars, they were pretty hagged. Sanded out most scratches, polish.

Love these crests :slight_smile:

Lame hubs. Regret not buying them in 36h because now it’s impossible to find rims.

Need to get paint mixed up sometime this week, will be Matador Red ala

If you have/know of some 27" 32h alloys lying around please let me know :slight_smile:
Same goes with an old quill stem / cranks.

Saddle will be brown charge spoon + brown tape, unless I can find another cheap saddle that looks better. I like those brown suede? Selle Italia Turbo saddles but $$$.

^ Nice work on the bar polish, I could only ever be arsed doing the bits that didn’t get covered by bar tape.

Love your enthusiasm, but it only appears to be a low end frame to me, so you might want to work out what you want before you pour all your money into it.

Cookie cutter drop outs unfortunately.

Are you allowed to race track with vertical dropouts?

There’s a few jnrs that race conversions up here.

They’re horizontal. Some of the club bikes at DISC are road frames, so I don’t see why not?

Roger that. Carry on.

I think there’s a pair of new 27 x 1 1/4 single wall rims at work, they’ll be pretty average for le anything other than cruising I’d imagine, but you’re welcome to have them if they’re what you’re after

Been a while, bloody datsuns sucking up all my funds and time.

Paint on, 27" hoops built (though they’re shithouse rims), found a stem.

Thinking san marco concor in honey brown, and brown cloth bartape halfway done. Concor might look a little out of place, but eeehhhhh there’s stupid red ano hubs so whatever. And need to get a square taper bb, then find some cranks that don’t look too modern. Guess that makes it very nearly finished, certainly an easier project than 100% nut and bolt car restorations…

Need to polish up the stem soon, too much effort to re-chrome the headset stuff though.

Also I’m retarded at highlighting lugs, so excuse that. Also the spokes are a few mm too long so I’ll have to go round the rims and grind the pointy bits off :frowning:

Coming along nicely.

them’s some long spokes…