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NOS NAGASAWA NJS KEIRIN TRACK FRAME (eBay item 280582763114 end time 10-Nov-10 21:56:17 AEDST) : Sport

i’d rather get a cinelli supercorsa pista with full campagnolo and save myself a grand or so

Warning: The seller strongly advises against listening to “candy by cameo” on u-tube while viewing these offerings.

at that price i might buy 2… :stuck_out_tongue:

only 2, llewelyn’s are about $3800 a swell now i think. So much for steel being the cheap allternative.

You can still get a Mongoose Maurice for $400 if you’re after a cheap steel bike, or any shitty vintage roadie, but good steel bikes have been expensive for a long time now.

and irrespective of price you cant even get a sachs or vanilla… it’s crazy what these masterful, highly experienced human framebuilders are doing.

you’d almost think people held a high value of their time and skills :wink:

Ask Dazza how many hours he spends building a frame and figure out his hourly rate. It’s a bargain.

I’m not saying it’s expensive I have new surfboards worth $2000 plus that will never last like my llewlyn I’m more so saying steel isn’t allways the cheap bike that a lot of people think they are I’m a builder myself and know the overheads and hard work you put in for a small return. I just hope for all if us that there will allways be people who appreciate quality and pay for it or we will be out of work.

I hope there’s loads of people who pay for qaulity and don’t appreciate it. Then they can sell their awesome bikes to me for cheap

I think we can agree that there will always be ‘cheap’ alternatives out there, in some form, but hopefully there will remain ‘good’ alternatives that people are willing to pay for and support the craft.

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Edit: What’s best about the cover design is the spine, which has a ‘craftsman’ pencil on it, which is wide, like the spine.

The irony is that with the popularity of fixed gear bikes and the plethora of cheap steel frames and off-the-shelf crap, I would venture to say that it is in the interests of craftsmanship to have a wider interest and revival in steel frames. There are a lot of kids buying into the craze that are coming to appreciate old classic frames — 10 years ago they would have been salivating on rock-shocks and carbon.

And sure not all of the people buying into it are actually buying new handmade frames. But a submarket will always be affected by broader market trends, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that a lot of frame builders have seen an increase in interest. And, on top of that, certainly you can see the interest here in people learning the craft and building their own.