Nagasawa Special. track and shopping bike :)

hey here is my nagasawa track and shopping bike.

Track Set-Up.

Frame : Nagasawa NJS 53cm
Saddle : Kashimax Five Gold NJS
Seat Post : Dura Ace Easton
Bottom Bracket : Sugino 75 NJS
Crank : Sugino 75 Grand Mighty NJS
Chainring : Sugino ZEN NJS 51T
Chain :HKK NJS
Pedal : MKS Royal Neuvo NJS
Toe Clip : MKSDouble Strap
Toe Strap : Kashimax Dual Spirit NJS
Stem : Nitto Pearl NJS
Handle Bar : Nitto B123 NJS
Headset : Hatta Swan NJS
Hub : Dura Ace 7600 NJS
Lock Ring : Dura Ace NJS
Cog : Surly Track 18T
Rim : Mavic Open Pro 36
Spoke : Asahi Aero Spoke NJS
Tyre : CST Gumwall
Frame Protector : Kashimax

and here is the shopping set-up

Frame : Nagasawa Special
Head Set : Hatta Swan NJS
Stem : Nitto Jaguar Steel NJS
Handle Bar : Nitto Riser Bar
Seat Post : Nitto Jaguar NJS
Saddle : San Marco Concor
Hubs : Phil Wood
Rims : H+Son Tb14
BB : Sugino 75 NJS
Crank : Campagnolo Pista
Chainring : Sugino Zen NJS 51t
Pedal : MKS Custom Nuevo NJS
Strap : Kashimax Double Spirit NJS

who said buying groceries cant be done in style ? lol

excellent first post, nice nag.

Great bike but you need to either tape up or put grips on those drops. Also why do you change your saddle to go shopping?

wow! do you have two naga frames? i’m confused …

Nice Bike/s. How do the cst gumwalls handle braklessness?

Go shopping with a Nagasawa… damn

Glen, about time you got on here,
Looks killer i still think we should swap my bridgestone for your nagasawa haha.
Post up your other bikes as well.

best basket ever!

hey mate, cheers.

well the reason why i dont put grips on it coz i havent really make up my mind either to put a jaguar or pearl stem on it. if i put tape or grips it would be paint in the ass to get it off again in case i want to change the stem. but i will though… :slight_smile:

and about the saddle, man… that kashimax five gold… it so hard that my ass just give up after 5 minutes ride. (read: it makes me feel like “taking it from behind”) please excuse the expression. lol.

also i think the concor matches the grip that i got. dont you think?

oh about that cst gumwall, i like it very much i think, all my wheelsets have that on. i dont ride much but i honestly cant think anything faulty about the tyre.

thanks for the offer dude, but yeah, i already have a bridgestone. why would i have another one? ill swap the seatpost if you want? ahahaha

Just buy 2 sets of drops lol

hahaha, good idea.

This is not jealosy speaking, but I always make a boring face whenever someone emphasizes on NJS too much.

yeah, i get what you mean. im sorry mang, im asian, i support asian frame hahahaha. i got a hipster bike if that helps ?? hahaha

ahh!! I hate you guys… I need a NJS frame!!

theres a reason why we used to call the 5gold the ‘arse hatchet’.

those who disagree - ymmv, but ive tried one and i wont be going near it again.

Nice! Assuming the basket is NJS certified :stuck_out_tongue:

100% agree. I’ve got one because I wanted a Japanese saddle for the Samson… So ridiculously uncomfortable. I managed to find a Fujita NJS saddle that is more like a Unicanitor in shape. A lot more bearable.

Anyone wanna buy a Fivegold?

Oh yeah, looks nice with the drops, but that basket frustrates the hell out of me. At least get a Wald basket!

hahaha, sorry man, i have to stick with this basket, i actually got a girl’s number thanks to that basket earlier this afternoon. hahahahaha. if i ring this girl and turn out to be a dude’s number, then ill change it… but seriously, after a while lookin at it, you might like it (maybe??) give it sometime… hahaha

It’s your bike, so it’s fine by me…

Just don’t expect a cane basket on my NJS frame. :wink: