nago track

Colnago Mexico Pista Chrom Track Frame and Fork!Vintage/OLD/Rare/Retro/Collector | eBay

Fark yeah I will!! Love your work Red. Would look bloody good beside the Dream.

Marty sell that bloody mtb and get this.

just get also, no selling just buying!

Like your thinking^^:)

im gonna fight all of you soooo fucking hard for this, trust me i jut got an increase on my credit card so stop wasting alls your times and pretend you never saw this

There’s an unwritten law of fixed that says that me posting earlier in this thread means you can’t bid on it cause it’s mine. :stuck_out_tongue:


i just remembered i dont need a new track bike too… plus i really dont like nago’s, but then im weird, go for it man all yours

Haha, i was kidding. I won’t be bidding, already got a Nago pista and the Benotto is rocking up this week. Be interesting to hear the history on this thing though…

It relly doesn’t do much for me, especially in chrome. Anyone seriously going to have a crack?

As you ride past people are going to think it’s a Bianchi pista:(

Pretty bloody sexy though.

Who’s the picture of the lady on the headtube?

Giuseppe Saronni won the Giro d’Italia in 1979. He then went on to win the 1982 World Championships in Goodwood, England on a red Colnago. From that point on, it was referred to as Saronni Red. Later, he went on to win another Giro d’Italia victory in 1983. After the World Championship victory, Ernesto kept the bike for his private collection.

wow the bidding on this got well out of hand

You can’t seriously think this was gonna slip under the radar?