NAHBS 2013 - Denver CO.

The early shows were all about the sweet fixies, then city bikes galore, CX bikes, 2011 was year of the S&S couplers, then randos started to make inroads.

2013? Bikepacking? Gravel bikes? OTT randos?

(There’s an Herse/Gordon/DiNucci/Nobilette side showfor extreme randonerds)

Bummed that Rock Lobster & Spooky won’t be there, but stoked for Winter, Hunter, English & Curtis Odom.

Looking forward to your Twitter/Flickr/Instagram feeds

Make sure you cover English Cycles!

I’m guessing bikepacking fat bikes will feature.
Looking forward to posts.

Any chance you can bring back some firefly picks, info?

Really like Hunter stuff.

I reckon “Gravel Grinders” are this years bike.


Anyone checked Prolly today? Shit is seriously fucked. Bikepacking has had a hipster makeover c/o Chris King:

And am I the only person who thinks that the commuters and randos that Firefly have been putting out of late are really, really nasty… !!!

Firefly = SuperFred?

The saddle and tyres are possibly the only good things about it.

That’s sooooooo 2014.

Now that I have a bikepacking rig on the way (handbuilt in 'merica ofcourse), I wonder how many scene points I can fit in a framebag?

#aheadofthecurve #coolhunting #adventuring #whereweregoingwedontneedroads

Nope, coz there were bikepacking rigs last year.

Hunter with frame tabs for custom bags:

And Salsa are offering mass produced gravel race rigs, so they’re already done. (Although Bruce Gordon is bringing back his OG GG frameset this year.)

That leaves ill thought out randos.


Personally looking forward to the road bike bike-packing trend:

Bike packing is so hot right now.

Porcelain Rocket: Bicycle Portage for Your Rugged Rig - PROLLY IS NOT PROBABLY

Just had time to see Prolly’s post about this bike. Fuck this bike sucks!

  • a billion. Such a mish-mash of everything, like they just couldn’t decide what it was supposed to be…

If you were there last year (and the year before when you were all riding “siq fixies”), you would have seen plenty of frame packs, gravel grinders, and all the aforementioned “trends”.

But you weren’t there. :frowning:

You were stuck in meatpie land.

Hunter’s been ahead of the curve. Firefly just caters to rich clients and if you had any sort of sense of humor, you’d find that “rando” bike amusing.

See you <unt5 in April. Time to get my ass kicked by Woods Point again. You pu55ie5 gonna get a drink with me? I’ll bring the bourbon, sallies.


Come ride in South Australia. We’ve got a nice 25 mile, 3000ft of climbing ride for you.

No you dont. You’ve got hoop snakes and drop bears! I know these tricks.

No seriously! We have some really good hills rides 15 minutes out of the CBD.

These were the only meat pies I saw.

Why would you spend firefly money and then get that POS VO rack and those meh cranks? Nitto / custom Cr-Mo rack & Sugino OX801d / Herse cranks would be much better, depending on your aesthetic requirements.

Hopefully the Signature x Seven Ti ‘rando’ is better, but I can’t see it happening.