Nahbs 2014

Is Rolly going?? You should go and report!

with all that info you’ve provided I’d be mad not to!!


where/when is it?

Already expressed my excitement for this via updating my Facebook status.

Get driving! Charlotte, NC, this weekend.

it’s apparently 2849mi from my current location…

might give it a miss.

It’s not impossible

true. sounds like a shit way to spend 48hrs though.

I do appreciate the heads up though, if it was nearer to Oregon or somethin I’d have thought about it.

surely enough in the FOA donators slush fund to fly there?

yeah right!

That all got used up in getting Rolly over there.

Nahbs is def on the bucket list for me. Yes I know, crawling with nerdy beardos but it doesn’t diminish the inspiration at all.

and buying spray jackets and beer!

R&E open house was Feb 22
seattle bike expo was March 1 & 2
The PDX bicycle show was supposed to be March23 & 24, but has been cancelled.
Oregon handmade bike show is Sept 27 & 28

… You have a Bucket List?! LMAO

ok, ya got me, I don’t really care about bike shows.

imagine walking around for two days with assholes talking about lugs and cyclocross. What a nightmare.


I know i know, a bit like foa