Name changed.

From JKL to Verbs & Nouns.

That’s all.

Umm, why?


Even names are fashionable now…

The name JKL annoyed me.

Verbs and nouns annoys me a shite load more. :evil: :slight_smile:

what’s wrong with adjectives :?

and adverbs? conjunctives? participles?


Fuck it, i’m changing my name too.

Captain Drjhgshkl

from now on thank you

i’m gonna call myself JKL

Did ‘the artist formerly known as Prince’ or ‘Prince’ or ‘symbol’ (whatever the fuck it’s called) touch you somewhere naughty when you were a child?

get a job…hippie

Wait… I do!

No really.

Wilderness Koala doesnt count

Nah, it’s a shitty SA government job that I hate.

Ha!! Labor Voter, I knew it. Part of the latte sipping elite, A chardonay socialist as they say, will probably call your child Tarquin or Elke

Or Atiba.

locked… JKL lied! :smiley: