NASA Curiosity Rover- warning bearded nerd content

Anyone watching this? Should be landing in about an hour:

NASA - Mars Science Laboratory, the Next Mars Rover

I’ll be in the middle of a lecture when it (hopefully) lands, will have to restrain from cheering in joy…

Yup. Can’t wait!

and if you can’t be bothered reading that info-graphic…

Pretty excited about this. Though when someone asked why, I had no good answer.

Also - live webcast is HERE.

Look at all those nerds in the one room!!!

All those nerds, and this one dude with epic hair.

I’m glad Rolly isn’t in the mission room.

those nerds sure know how to party.

You’d be excited too if you had a tiny, black and white blurry picture of a wheel

Just you wait for the 256 to come through. Shits gonna get cray.

256 image!

First image below:

imagine if the first image from Mars was Rolly.

Was listening to this at my desk, as was the guy who sits opposite me. On landing we both stood up and high-fived, much to the baffelment of the entire office.

Of all the nerdy things I’ve done, that was the most awesome.

haiii guyzz



Similar chain of events here. The accountants around us are still wondering what the hell happened.

Nerd just made a joke about timezones and everyone laughed.