near misses

There’s one intersection where this occurs most mornings (and now North terrace / West terrace heading out of the city). The frustrating part is that there is sometimes a green left turning arrow when the other lights (going straight) are red. I always pull up in the next lane over (the going straight lane) and sit front of that car. I’ve had a few jerks sit there and rev their engine behind me (then proceed to floor it when we take off and I swing over to the left lane), but there’s no way I’m getting over to the left until the light goes green.

I also had a friend get cleaned up cutting between a car turning left. The car clipped his rear wheel, knocking him off.

In Victoria I think bikes can pass a stationary car unless it is indicating left AND turning left.

I really hate stopping at an intersection when there are filter lights for left turns. If i sit in the left lane the left turners get angry. If i sit in the right lane, the people going straight get angry. Fuck em all, I say. The only time its alright is when there are people indicating left in the left lane, so i know i can change into the left lane immediately, without getting squashed.

still yet to have a near miss…

guess im not riding enough

i went straight into a woman j-walking across Swanston street opposite the state library. skidded for like 20 meters straight into her with her facing me jumping left then right then left then right BAM!!! she caught the bike and i went flying. ended up about 10 meters down the street and f***ed my knee… couldnt skid for about 5 weeks after that… and almost put a front brake on too…

Yeah that is rather boring, i had a full on argument with a motorist who resented the fact that i’d slipped to the right hand side of the left lane on account of the car in front of him turning left with an arrow - it was actually quite fun to be fair, and had the lights not changed we weren’t too far from hopping of our respective vehicles and settling our dispute over a game of backgammon. He had queensland plates so i figured maybe that’s just how motorists roll up there.

sounds like you have sick bike control dudebro

I had so many near misses on my bike in Boston visiting my cousin, drivers there are really really bad

I hate that too. On my commute to work all the cyclists pretty much pull up on the right side of the left lane to let the cars make the left turn at Pyrmont, but one morning some guy decided he wanted to go straight. When the light turned green I took off, and then he came tearing up the left side of me and I almost crashed into him…I should have been expecting it and just let him go first I guess.

One a good note, the other day some guy actually thanked me for moving over to the right so he could get through :slight_smile:

Mate if you had 20m to stop and you still hit her you probably should have a front brake, just saying.

i’m curious how you stopped for 5 weeks if you had no brake and your knee was too bung to skid?

probably just walked around with a nice haircut

with 20 meters you could have dodged her instead of stopping, just sayin.

But he was on swanston st… Better to look cool and bin it with an uncontrolled skid then just simply dodgin the woman.

Cos, you know the kids out front of rmit might have been watching.

Towards the end of 2009 I was riding my bike to school (Yr12). The fang was always good on the way to school as a slight down hill avoiding cars, crossing ladies buses and what ever else wanted me of the road.

One morning they got the best of me, it was maybe a few days after removing my front brakes and this lady in a Commodore just pulle dout in front of me, I locked up the back wheel whilst swerving to avoid here ending up sliding on my knee under the back of a school bus. No damage to my bike or school blazer luckily but my school pants did look a little worse for wear.

Many more near misses but that was the best! When I arrived in class one of my teachers had said something to another teacher that I was badly injured… Could have waged the morning :mrgreen:

what school are you at? I just leave my uniform at school, its way to hard to ride in

I’ve actually been on the other side of the car door the past few weeks. Some cyclists are just straight up cunts and shouldn’t be allowed to ride.

i think next time you call your mum for this months rent and grocery money ask her for some training wheels and a brake.

Quiet you. I had some quality herald sun hate building there!