nearly finished

new fixed gear bicycle nearly finished.

frame: $15 repco from revolve
wheels: track hub with 27" rims
cranks: 170mm lasco
pedals: mks
other parts: black
chain: purple (cause I couldn’t find a black one)

now, do I paint it or just keep on riding as is?

just ride it… then when suficiant patina has being achieved then paintit.

lookin’ good mate… I’m liking black.

No cages/straps?

Nice regardless.

I’ve got some mks rx1’s with cages and straps to go on to it, currently on my Masi singlespeed commuter. Need to get a black seatpost in 26mm though, but where?

nice and simple

Just spray the one you’ve got. When it gets scratched, spray it again.

leave it as it is, looks good as it is

as it is damn it!

looks good to me leave it

love the grips :-o

looks good man
ride it as it is

looks very sleek with the all black look
use your money on new clips and straps rather than buy paint :slight_smile: