Need a hand Albion Park / Gong

Hey Guys

Thought I’d post here to.

Any chance one of you lads could pick up a bike and box for a courier for me.

Bike located in Albion Park

Can pay for your time in beer or bike parts



Sorry dubs, that’s a bit out of my area…

I do pass there semi-regularly, but next trip is not until 21st/22nd July. Too late?

thanks lads… yeah may be a bit late…

Bike may have sold as i’ve had radio silence since yesterday

Needs to be picked up before Thursday if I want it…

If anyone is around there let me know

no bike shops around there… Could always try call there and see if they could help you out. Might cost you a carton.

or Air tasker?

Fly to Sydney, hire a car.

Obvious answer

I got an airtasker able to pick it up but not till next Friday…

Some things are not meant to be

If you’re suuuper keen I can probably pick it up for you, just will need petrol $$. I don’t really want to do the boxing part either, so if someone wants to do that…

It’s enough of a deal to you that the extra cost of flying down is worth it. Or it’s worth paying Lemontimes $400 to collect and arrange boxing and shipment, cheaper than flying/renting and taking a day off.

I mean for $400 I’ll do it…

I’m driving through this afternoon. Pm me