need a place to crash for soundwave/clipsal weekend

howdy folks,

i’m heading over to the hottest place on earth to catch soundwave. however i’ve left my planning a bit late, and have discovered that just about all the hotels are booked out due to Clipsal being the same weekend.

does anyone have a couch or a foam mattress i can call my own for the friday and/or saturday night? i land at 9pm on friday night, so probably won’t be greeting the lucky one/s til 9:30/10pm. something near the venue would be best (NW cbd), but anything is better than $400 a night.

compensation will be the usual, beer/wristies. either reply or PM.


alright, giving this a late bump as the couch i had lined up was pulled out from under me last night…

happy to forgo a couch or matress for some space on the floor.

Would offer, but am going to be away all weekend avoiding the Clipsal… Soz.

and i don’t blame you either…

but anyway, am all sorted now.

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