Need contact details for a guy in melbourne

So a guy came into my shop today and tried on some Cadence jeans.

He rides a black and white Fuji track pro with Cinelli riser bars and a brake on the front with white cranks

He’s about 6 foot and seems nice enough.

I don’t know if he accidently took my Raybans and left his here, but I want my Raybans back because I like them better.

I have his glasses and will happily return them in exchange for mine.

I have no idea who he is, but his bike has a fyxomatosis sticker on the fork so he must get around.

If you know him, can you get in touch please?

Ponybikes 9939 6773



Ha ha, hipster sneakily updating sunnies while trying on gear before buying online.

Win win.

Sorry Sasha just joking i hope you get them back.

I really like to think the best of people, the guy did walk out and forget his bag, so maybe he’s just having one of those days, but you’d realize by now that you’ve got the wrong sunnies and you’d pick up the phone and call… well, I would anyway.

All good, he’s contacted me after I posted on my website.

I like people again.